Diane is an amazing practitioner.  She practices massage, Reiki, aroma touch therapy and more.  I have been seeing Diane for several years, particularly for massage.  She is truly gifted in finding and resolving issues - even ones I didn't know I had!  After a session with her, I feel like a new person, with far less pain and renewed energy.  Recently we've added Reiki and aroma therapy to my massage routine (Diane is a Reiki master).  With all of my pain issues (arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine), she is such a valuable part of my wellness plan.  I am so grateful to have found her!  You will not get a "fluff and buff" massage from Diane - she works out your kinks!!!

R. A., Farmington, MI 

Diane is a miracle worker! I had back problems for years and a friend referred me to her. She worked a softball-size ball of muscle knots out of my lower back and the pain I had experienced for years disappeared! More recently, I have been diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis in my hips, and the right one has torn cartilage (labrum, to be exact), and bursitis. I came back from a vacation in February and could not walk. After two sessions of massage, I was moving again, and a monthly appointment since has kept me from the severe pain I had from this newest diagnosis. If you have any pains don't automatically assume they need drugs or other interventions. Try massage, and Diane is the best!

L. G., Plymouth, MI

Diane is the best therapeutic massage therapist I have ever been too! She's also a Reiki Master, which I love- it calms me not only mentally but spiritually too! You will feel 100% better after leaving, I guarantee!

M. E., Westland, MI

I have been working with Diane for years. She is definitely at the top of her profession and still understands the importance of allowing herself to grow further and educate herself on her work. I am a hairstylist and I work long hard days on my feet with my arms above my head most of the time. The career I have chosen has and will continue to pay a toll on my body. I see Diane for regular massages once every other week. This is not a "special treat" to myself...this is a must because with my career I need to keep my gears moving! To speak of her greatness, until just recently, I worked in a spa with employee discounted massages for $35 an hour. I thought wow, what a saving until I realized that those therapists did not even come close to what Diane could do for me. The difference in massage was night and day. If you're looking for the best, book your appointment sooner then later. You won't regret it!

A. L., Plymouth, MI

For the past seven months I have had weekly massage therapy appointments with Diane and can't say enough regarding her professional demeanor and expertise.  I am 63 years young and have had my share of massages; some were very good and others not so much, but Diane surpassed them all.  She addressed the condition of my muscles and offered me a plan of action and the hope of feeling good again.  I have suffered with muscle pain for years and didn't realize how bad I was, I just knew I hurt and it slowed me down daily.  It was dumb luck that I booked a massage with her and I have reclaimed a big part of my life by listening and following through with her plan of action.  
Massage therapy is not just a job for Diane it is her calling, this is what she was born to do.
I was a physical mess when I met her and now I am 95-98% pain free.  My appointments are every 3-4 weeks now, plus I went from no exercise due to pain to daily cardio and muscle toning 3 days a week.  I feel so good and am becoming physically strong again.  Absolute euphoria for me!

A couple of things I learned from Diane:
1.  Massage is not a "treat".  It is a beneficial part of life for health, healing and vitality.
2.  With good muscular health there is no reason not to be walking and exercising in our   60's, 70's and 80's.  We don't have to settle into just being old. 
3.  Have hope and don't quit.   Listen and act when given good advice.  Reach out and give feedback to get the help you need.

This woman has taken me on a journey of renewed health and I am grateful.  I don't know where I'm going, just darn happy to be on a healthy path. 
Oh, she also uses therapeutic non-toxic oils on her clients, not run of the mill oils that are purchased at a health food store.  These oils are amazing!  Any product Diane applies to the body is toxin free.  She is a great resource and I highly recommend her!

B. W., Ann Arbor, MI

Massage:  I am healthier now than I have been in years thanks to having regular massages with Diane.  I am no longer taking any prescription medications and my migraines have stopped.  Diane is a skilled caring therapist who customizes every session to your needs.

Reiki:  Describing "how" Reiki works is difficult; describing Reiki's benefits is not.  I was skeptical at first, but now I LOVE it!  It is relaxing, re-energizing and best of all, it gets rid of stress that I carry with me in my brain and in my body. You need to try it for yourself!

L.M., Livonia, MI

I have been a client of Diane's for 8 years and love the way I feel and the wonderful results I get after a massage session.  She delivers the best massage that I have ever had and I have no hesitation recommending her.

R.D., Northville, MI